5 Useful Cold Calling Tips That Help You Win Big

It may be 2021 but cold calling isn’t dead!

What is Cold Calling?

Cold calling is contacting any prospect client who currently isn’t “raising their hand” at the moment, may it be via actual calls or in person contact.

Cold calling is tossing out a handful of seeds and hoping that a couple take root.

Cold calling potential prospects can be frustrating and hard. Whether you are doing it in person or on the phone, it is your job to warm up a potential customer.

Rejection will happen more often than it doesn’t. As a seasoned sales professional, you must be ready to not take the rejections personally and keep pushing forward. With that, here are a few tips that can help you make your cold calling more efficient and effective:

1| Don’t Waste Anyone’s Time, Including Yours!

If you call someone who doesn’t fit your ideal criteria, you’re stealing their time. If you call someone who can benefit from your offer, you’re helping improve their life and business. Don’t spend your precious time trying to reach people who don’t need what you’re selling.

2| Don’t be a Robot

It’s easy to get great at utilizing a script in cold calls if you’re willing to put in the work. Do away with the robotic and monotonous tone and use real human emotion.

When you’re on a sales call, the prospect can’t see your body language, so tone accounts for even more.

3| Have a Calling Schedule that Works for You

By keeping track of when prospects are more likely to answer the phone, and when they’re more likely to speak with you, you can better focus your efforts during times it will make a bigger impact.

4| Use Social Proof to Influence Behavior

  • Testimonials
  • Reviews
  • Social Media Shares
  • Case Studies

Social proof plays a major role in selling because it shows the prospect that your product has helped other people with similar pain points.


Saved this tip for last, it may be cliche but IT IS TRUE!

You HAVE to know who you are going after. And with the tools available to you today, there’s no excuse for going into a cold call blind.

Review these cold calling tips before going into your next call, see which techniques work best for you, which don’t, and keep trying new strategies for continuous improvement.

Do you need more cold calling tips? Drop us a message: https://mailchi.mp/7f3673058f1d/brand-partner




Emergent VA Services has been consistently hiring the right and efficient people for our US clients since 2012.

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Emergent VA

Emergent VA

Emergent VA Services has been consistently hiring the right and efficient people for our US clients since 2012.

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