How We Went Viral on TikTok

We recently had TWO TikTok videos go viral practically overnight, our follower count went from 20 to over a thousand (and counting) IN A DAY!

TikTok’s algorithm is one of a kind and sometimes difficult to figure out. Officially, TikTok says that it uses four signals: what you watch, share, like, and follow but in a study that the Wall Street Journal conducted said:

“We found out that TikTok only needs one of these to figure you out: How long you linger over a piece of content.

1| Use trending music

Whether you decide to do a voiceover or not, it’s worth always including trending music in your videos.

Pro-Tip: If you do want to use your own song, and TikTok won’t allow it, you can just upload with your own audio, select a song, and set that second song to 0 volume.

2| ALWAYS use hashtags

If you have a super niche video, niche hashtags can sometimes help TikTok serve your video to the right crowd.

3| Consistent posting time

Did you know when you check your TikTok analytics it says what time most of your viewers watch your videos? Now, use that to an advantage, post during the time when your audience is online!

4| Timely aspirational content

Creating timely and relatable content for your audience shows that you are paying attention to their patterns and the content they are looking for, you can take this as a cue to produce content that is timely for your audience’s needs.

5| Responding to comments & engagement

SIMPLE. Respond to comments that are left in your TikToks and like them. Another option that you can utilize is responding to the comments by answering them via TikTok and this will show your audience that you are paying attention to them and they matter since you are putting a “human” element in answering/responding to comments.

Figuring out a TikTok strategy can take some time but be patient and don’t miss a beat with uploading TikTok content. At the end of the day, going viral on TikTok is a numbers game. The more often you post, the more likely you are to have a video go viral, if you push yourself to consistently produce videos, not only will your videos probably get better, but you’ll be more likely to have one of them go viral on TikTok.

Do you need help with producing TikToks or any other social media content? We have the solution for you:

Written by: Alex de Guzman



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