VA Pumps Life Into Your Sales: Lifeblood of Every Business

Sales is the lifeblood of every business venture. And when you set out on an entrepreneurial journey, you’re the best salesperson for your business.

But does that mean that only YOU have to drive sales? Of course not.

You only have so many hours each day. If you’re spending them on following up with leads and sending emails, you’re stunting your business’ growth when you can focus most of your time on vital aspects of your business.

“So how is a VA going to help me drive more sales?” is a common question. A common misconception that most have is that VAs cannot drive sales because they work remotely, but we’re here to explain how it is very much possible especially for those who need help with their sales.

You’d be surprised. It’s true that a virtual assistant won’t be physically present and they can work from anywhere they wish, but you may find that the advantages of hiring one can far outweigh having an employee in the office.

Virtual Assistants or VAs are experts in their field! VAs actually take on work that they are experts in and have experience in.

Virtual Assistants can help you with:

  • Cold Calling
  • Following up with your leads
  • Great customer service
  • Schedule calls and appointments
  • Prospect research
  • Creating and organizing your lead database/directory
  • Communicating with potential customers/clients


  • Increased productivity
  • Less overhead expenses
  • Save time
  • Focus on your business’ core functions

A virtual sales assistant takes on your sales and sales support activities, allowing you to spend time on ‘core’ functions that directly affect your business.

Do you need to bring life to your sales? We have the solution for you!




Emergent VA Services has been consistently hiring the right and efficient people for our US clients since 2012.

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Emergent VA

Emergent VA

Emergent VA Services has been consistently hiring the right and efficient people for our US clients since 2012.

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