Virtual Assistants Help an Energy Company Receive More 5-Star Reviews

Westhaven Power is an energy company that is on a mission to accelerate the world’s grid liberation through power abundance. For over 20 years, we’ve been trusted by more than 4,000 customers and referred 3,000 times. Along with Westhaven’s mission, they have virtual assistants by their side, helping them achieve just that.

Within Westhaven Power, they have a total of 6 virtual assistants on their team. Before acquiring virtual assistants, they struggled with the workforce in the office and not having enough people to call the number of customers they have per day. Westhaven’s Process Manager, Devin, pushed to add Virtual Assistants to their team because he had experience working with VAs and knew the value that VAs can add to their business. For Devin, “Working with a VA at this day and age is a given. I absolutely think that every business should do it.”

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we saw the rise of remote work or work from home (WFH) jobs rise, especially with the Virtual Assistant industry, wherein businesses save on overhead expenses since VAs work on their own homes or spaces. Companies are now rediscovering what works and what doesn’t, and that includes remote work.

Something that is very notable that Westhaven Power noticed after they brought Virtual Assistants on their team would be the happiness level of their customers. There was a noteworthy difference in the amount of 5-star reviews they received before having VAs, and now that they have VAs, “It’s a measurable difference,” according to Devin. This is because VAs are all on board with customer service in mind, and they all work with customers.

Devin mentioned, for those who are thinking about adding virtual assistants to their team: “The advice that I would give to another person who has never used VAs would be very specific, bring them on and just like any employee just treat them like an employee and make sure you have enough contact with them.”

Something to take note of from Devin:

“I think a bad practice is that people bring on VAs and think that they just can be on autopilot, but they’re real people, and they need to be communicated with on a daily basis as if they were here, VAs are part of the family, really.”

As for the future of Westhaven Power and their Virtual Assistants, they are continuously fine-tuning processes and plan on bringing on more VAs to their team in the future.

With virtual assistants, they now have the time and ability to focus on the more significant tasks in Westhaven Power.

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Written by: Alex de Guzman




Emergent VA Services has been consistently hiring the right and efficient people for our US clients since 2012.

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Emergent VA

Emergent VA

Emergent VA Services has been consistently hiring the right and efficient people for our US clients since 2012.

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