Why is Your Business in Need of a BDR?

Companies need a team that specializes in selling products and services to other businesses. A team responsible for generating new customers while taking care of the existing ones.

There is a range of definitions about a Business Development Representative or BDR whose goal is to grow and develop the company and business. An individual or group of people tie-up to marketing for brand awareness and sales for converting the leads into customers. Business development is the process of implementing strategies and opportunities across the organization to promote growth and boost revenue.

Here are some of the needed skills and responsibilities of a Business Development Representative:

Qualify Leads

  • BDR’s should identify the right prospects to determine who or what they will sell. They do the research and are responsible for under-covering potential leads based on the information gathered. Part of it is identifying the decision-makers that have the purchasing power to close a deal.

Communication, presentation, and negotiation skills.

  • An identified prospect needs to be nurtured by BDR. They can be nurtured through cold email, cold calling, social selling, and networking to verify the clients’ specific pain points. This would provide an opportunity for you to build a brand according to the clients’ needs. As a result, they can set more meetings, increase closed deals and improve customer loyalty and retention. BDRs nurture and do the time-consuming leg work activities away from the rest of your sales team.

Seek new business opportunities, competition and new market trends.

  • BDR’s should be proactive and updated on competition’s strategies, products, and industry trends. They should be innovative in establishing better relationships with prospects and will provide you a different approach to attracting a new audience.

Overall, BDR is a broad spectrum whose goal is to grow the business. Studies have shown that companies that utilize BDRs convert about 40% of their leads into sales opportunities.

Allow us to help you grow your business and leverage through our Business Development professionals. Reach out to us: https://emergent-virtual-assistance-services.mailchimpsites.com/




Emergent VA Services has been consistently hiring the right and efficient people for our US clients since 2012.

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Emergent VA

Emergent VA

Emergent VA Services has been consistently hiring the right and efficient people for our US clients since 2012.

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